7 Ways To Find Real Estate Deals

Real estate deals still are to be had, even in a better market.  It requires daily research and keeping a close on the following:

1.  The Realtor's Multiple Listing System (MLS)

Every realtor uses this and there is no alternative.  A good realtor looks at the MLS several times a day to find good deals, and this ensures familiarity with the area.

2.  Craiglist

Desperate sellers may advertise their property on craigslist rather than listing it with a realtor on the MLS.

3.  Foreclosures

Look at foreclosures daily.  Most of them are taken back by Fannie or Freddie, but follow the property and see what local realtor ends up listing it and jump on it.

4.  Property Sales

There are services that deliver records of new deeds recorded each day.  You can learn a lot about other investor players in your market as well as the sold properties themselves.

5.  Driving Around

Sometimes this option offers the most potential to find a deal, especially in an area littered with second/vacation homes.  Look for overgrown yards or stacks of mail.  Investigate the property through local town records and you may stumble upon a ready and willing seller.  

6.  Bird-dogs

A bird-dog is someone who goes around and looks for real estate deals with substantial investment potential.  Keep in touch with a bird-dog and have them call you when the type of deal you're looking for comes on the market.

7.  Marketing

Develop a marketing plan, establishing relationships with potential sellers who will call you when they decide to put their property on the market.  

Thanks to the Bigger Pockets blog for these tips!

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1. Prasad wrote:
As an appraiser I am very aware of poor or lincakg data on MLS information sheets. I am in central Wisconsin and some data, such as age of a property, is only availabe from assessors who mostly work out of their homes and do not have web sites. When we get orders with short turn times we sometimes can't find the assessor. It is such a simple process for brokers, who typically have weeks of time to get this info prior to sale but do not bother. We also have a problem with brokers referring to manufactured homes as one story and no mention that it is a manufactured home because they do not want buyers to shy away from them.

Thu, September 18, 2014 @ 10:56 PM

2. hairlovelyhair.com wrote:
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Sat, September 20, 2014 @ 11:18 AM

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